Friday, April 1, 2016

QUICK TIPS: Fast Photo Posts for Social Media With Buffer

Use Buffer Chrome Extension to quickly add Photo posts to your social media sharing stream

So you love Buffer and you use the Chrome Extension to share links from around the web on a regular basis? Here is a nifty trick you may have missed that can really make your posts stand out.

Social media is mad about photos! Photo sites like Instagram and Snapchat are growing exponentially and even on Facebook and Twitter, adding a photo to your post can increase your reach dramatically. Link posts are fine in some situations on these platforms, but sometimes we might want to highlight a photo further down the page or just simply make a post stand out better.

This is where the Buffer Chrome Extension has a chance to seriously shine!

How to Use Buffer Chrome Extension to Make your Social Media Posts POP 

Hover over bottom right hand side of larger photos click on the blue "Share Image" button as shown in (just the wee blue box, I added the arrow so you wouldn't miss it;)

BONUS: If you want to be sure your photo is the perfect size for various platforms and/or add text, you can also install the Pablo Extension from Buffer. This will add another blue box when you hover your pointed in the same corner:

When you click on the left button, the photo will automagically appear in Pablo and you will have the option to crop to any one of three of the best social media posting sizes. You can also add text of your own or choose from quotes already to go right there on Pablo. From there you can either download to your computer or add it to your Buffer queue.

Have you found Buffer and Pablo to be helpful as you post on social media? Let us know your thoughts and/or share your best tips in the comments below!